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SeeHA means See Houses & Apartments. It's a place for home buyers and agents to Overview,Preview,and Review TM real estate properties for sale or for rent by agents or by owners. Unlike other "similar" services, we focus on providing rich visual contents. After all, one must "See" a property before buying it.

A patent pending "SeeHA HomeViewTM" technology (see example on the right) presents an average of 100 photos, floor plans, and maps thoroughly displaying a property, its surroundings, and nearby attractions.
The value is obvious in our service:
-- Buyers and their agents get convenience and information not available from elsewhere.
-- Owners and their agents get more people to know their properties, and know them earlier.
-- These end up with a more fair and efficient market, and more satisfaction to every party invovled.
  Quick market overview. Shorten "Education" Period.
Avoid missing early opportunities.
  Early property preview. No need to wait until weekend,
or until back from a business trip.
  Detailed property review. Recall forgotten components.
Compare properties side-by-side. Go over with far-away family members.

Move Mouse around in the Map and in the Triangle Buttons Below,
and Click Sometimes to See More

  We are not realtors, we serve buyers, owners as well as realtors.  

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