Benefit for Realtors

An agent needs to know the properties in the market, just as a doctor needs to know the patients, a cook needs to know the recipes, and a student needs to know the testing subjects.

Simply burning $20 a week of gasoline does not necessarily keep one's knowledge in good status. Market competition requires an agent to better satisfy each client's special needs at a lower operational cost. helps an agent to achieve this by providing a market Overview, property Preview and Review.

  • Preview the 20 new properties put in the market this week.
  • Review details of the 100 properties visited in the past month. (without, it would be hard for one to remember details contained in 100x50=5000 photos and floorplans)
  • Easily send detailed information to potential buyers whenever a good candidate property appears in the screen. A SeeHA HomeViewTM is worth a thousand words.
  • Demonstrate to home owners that their properties can be better presented.
  • Increase loyalty of clients by maintaining online accounts for them to store property data collected and organized.

moreover, all the above can be done anywhere on the Internet -- one's home, office, or client locations.


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