Benefit for First-Time Home Buyers

This kind of buyers need "Education".

Driving and looking around is education.'s market Overview is also education, where a buyer can see detailed text, photo, and floorplan presentations on hundreds and thousands of properties. Combined, these two kinds of lessons can shorten the "education period".

A short "education period" not only save expenses, but also increase satisfaction ---- many buyers miss a good buy just because they don't know enough yet and are not "ready" to make a decision. Home buyers, get "educated" early and get ready early, don't let a chance go.

If Preview also plays a role in saving expenses and catching a chance quickly, then Review is the part that gives a buyer more assurrance.'s presentation technology allows a buyer to load candidate properties and compare them side-by-side, thus makes the most satisfactory decision --- one of the few biggest decisions in one's life.

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