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Let's Work Together

Depending on how to make it, one can either view this as an employment opportunity, or one's own business opportunity. One can provide the whole SeeHA service in an area by self, or play a role in it, or even run a team for it. It is, at least at the beginning, a part-time based engagement, therefore especially suitable for those with flexible hours, such as college students, house wives, retirees, sales agents, free-lance contractors, and people working on evening or early morning shifts. The compensation depends on various factors such as local real estate business, local traffic, marketing skills, and computer skills, usually in the range of $10-30/hour.

If interested, please read below the possible roles in the SeeHA workflow. If you think you can play one or more of them, please indicate each of them, together with your resume (formal or informal), by emailing to

Telemarketer Preferably with telemarketing experience. Capable of reading internet web pages, and using email.
ViewMaster Can drive car, read internet web pages, and use email. Can (learn to) use digital camera. Has basic sketching skills for a rough floor plan.

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