Price Schedule for SeeHA HomeViewTM Services

The cost of a HomeView starts from $15, depending on a number factors:
-- the number of photos, floor plans and maps;
-- the complexity of the house structure;
-- degree of coverage on the property;
-- geographic location;
-- the total time a SeeHA certified professional spends on the HomeView.
-- how much contents and work can be handled by the customer self.

It may be a good idea to show a few examples:
-- In one extreme case, the customer completely does it by self. Then SeeHA only charges $15~20 to host and promote it in for three months.
-- At the other end, SeeHA does the whole thing: drive to the property, take photos, sketch floor plans or maps, compose into a HomeView, publish to web sites, host for three months, and promote as promised. Here we are talking about a "Full HomeView", meaning it will cover every room, hallway, and outside of the property. All these for $80 on such a property as, say, a half-million-dollar one in north New Jersey. (a small surcharge may apply for a property requiring substantially more work or contents, e.g., a 150-photo HomeView for a $1.5M house in Upper Saddle River, NJ cost $110).
-- Anything in between is possible, such as
4 rooms and outside area with 1 map, $40 or so;
6 rooms and outside area with 1 map and 1 floor plan, around $60, etc.

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