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SeeHA is a nice complement to many existing online services, including realtors own web sites, because has something unique.

SeeHA focuses on visual contents with its patent-pending presentation technology (click here for a sample), while in addition helps realtors in advertisement, work flow, customer service, and so on.

Moreover, SeeHA can get buyers and owners directly to realtors.

You can read more about benefits to different parties in a real estate deal by clicking the links on the right. To get an idea on how to use our services, read below.

One that may just be
  as important as a car,
and that may make the car
  less important

Benefit for

  Realtors First-Time Home Buyers
  Sellers Relocators / Upgraders
How does it work ?   Act Now:
  • Case I: Order One SeeHA HomeViewTM
    When you get a listing, let us create a HomeView for it and help you to promote it.
    A SeeHA HomeViewTM typically includes up to 100 photos, 3 or 4 floor plans or maps, and association of photos to areas in the floor plans or maps.
    We help promotion by
    -- advertise in public media, such as those newspapers popular with real estate postings.
    -- publish to individuals and corporations through channels maintained by SeeHA.
    -- link from different web sites including MLS, sites of brokers and agents, etc.
    -- expose to web directories and search engines.
    The effect is to get a lot of additional visits to the listing. According to past experience, a popular listing in a particular county can get 60~100 distinguished visitors in the first three days in our sites.
    Click here for price information, and
    use the form on the right to place an order or ask questions.
  • Case II: Enjoy Group Discount
    Save more by order more, either by individual agents, or by the broker as a whole.
    Please fill the form on the right for more details.
  • Case III: Become A Sponsor
    A SeeHA Sponsor commits a certain number (e.g. 10) of HomeViews per year. SeeHA Sponsor program offers a number of preimum services.
    Please fill the form on the right for more details.
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