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To sell or not to sell, is a question of to show or not to show,

SeeHA Shows It, and More People Can See It.

Home owners, never advertise your property for sale without contacting .

  • SeeHA will advertise your property anywhere you would do. For example,
    Weehawken $699,000
  • SeeHA advertises in popular search engines such as .
  • SeeHA HomeView (see example) gives better presentation of your property.
  • SeeHA HomeView lasts longer than newspaper postings (in site and in people's memory).
  • SeeHA HomeView is more attractive to relocators as well as to first time buyers.


How does it work ?

  1. Unless you have talked with someone from SeeHA, please contact using the form on the right .
  2. gets back to you with methods and examples about how to market your property the right way.
  3. SeeHA also gives you price quotes for you to compare with different services.
    SeeHA is NOT a realtor. We only charge a small amount for making photos, floor plans, and advertisement.
  4. If you choose to use SeeHA service, SeeHA can quickly create a presentation of your property, and shows it in time to the market.
  5. After that, SeeHA's mission will be completed, and everything will be between you and the buyer/visitors.
    SeeHA is NOT there to get a realtor into your way, and there no hidden charge.
  6. Good luck and best wishes.
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