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Neither a 401(k) plan nor a medical insurance,

SeeHA Remains A Valuable Benefit

This is especially true for relocating employees of a corporation.

  • The employees themselves can Overview-Preview-ReviewTM current real estate market with SeeHA.
  • The employees can do it remotely.
  • And more importantly, after the employees have focused on a few properties, their far-away family members can (p)review the properties through Unless they all fly or drive to the new places, there is no way they can get a better feeling of their new home than through SeeHA.
  • Therefore, the human resource department, or the relocation manager, of a corporation should let their employees know about, and help them make good use of it.


How does it work ?

  1. Employees can contact SeeHA directly, or through the human resource department of their employer (i.e., get the corporate SeeHA ID from the department). Users with a corporate SeeHA ID tend to enjoy premium services, such as faster responses in View requests, more comprehensive email notifications, etc.
  2. Unless you have talked with someone in SeeHA, please contact using the form on the right .
  3. gets back to you with methods and examples about how to have a happy relocation with SeeHA's help.
  4. SeeHA also introduces various property-view services. These services are typically free. We would include price quotes for people with special requirements.
  5. If you are an employee, you can start property viewing with instructions given.
  6. If you are a human resource / relocation manager, after reading material from SeeHA, you can choose to enter your company into subscription to SeeHA services. A subscribing company will get a SeeHA ID and premium services.
  7. SeeHA is NOT a realtor. Therefore, SeeHA can provide contents of sell-by-owner properties as well as realtor listed properties.
  8. Other than that, everything will be between you and the sellers or agents.
  9. Good luck and best wishes.
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