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How does it work ?
  • Search. Usually when you enter a zip code, or click at a state in the map, you will be brought to a list of active HomeViews for that area. The properties are in price-increasing order, but with New or Price Recently Reduced ones on the top.
    If you want to list only those in specific towns and price range, you can use Search function for that.
    If you want to see those properties not yet with HomeViews, we link to a few search resources that cover a lot of, if not all, properties in that area, both by agents and by owners. One thing you can do about them is to request HomeViews made for them and email to you. (See Below).
  • Request. You can request HomeViews be created for you, and/or emailed to you, for free.
    You can show your interesting location and price range. Or you can even tell us a particular address you got from search, from newspapers, etc. We will work on it.
  • View. Whenever you click a link like "Click here for 100 photos and floor plans", or "Click here to Take A SeeHA HomeViewTM", you will be led to a HomeView page. Then you can move mouse around and click sometimes. In case you want more specific instructions, click a button there called "How to Use This?", you will be given 3 tips.

How many times have and will these problems bother you, and cause arguments between you and family members ?:

  • How does the second floor bathroom look in the house we saw two weeks ago ?
  • Which basement is better finished between house A and house B ?
  • Do you remember if there is a playground in the backyard of that house ?
  • I forget which of these two houses is close to a baseball yard.
  • We saw 50 houses, and have limited to 5. We really want to compare them a little more carefully and thoroughly.
  • The agent called me yesterday about a house, I don't have time to see it this weekend. How nice it would be if someone can photo the property for me ?
  • People said this house is a good deal, but I haven't seen enough to make a decision. What can I do to keep the opportunity from slipping between my fingers ?

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Benefit for
First-Time Home Buyers
Relocators / Upgraders

SeeHA is, but is NOT ONLY, a "virtual" service. SeeHA provides a "real meal": up to 100 photos and floorplans in a property presentation, organized with a patent-pending technology called "SeeHA HomeViewTM". The most attractive benefit for a buyer is, You can ask a SeeHA HomeViewTM to be created for any property in the market, for Free! In addition, SeeHA provides each buyer with an "Organizier" to rate and sort properties. All this convenience would greatly help you to Overview,Preview,ReviewTM properties, thus more comfortably make a comfortable decision. (see more in our service introduction.

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